Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome and shit!

Aight hookahs. I'm in the transitional stage of my morph from stalker to blogger, so bear the fuck with me. I want to extend a hearty welcome and several leg humps to my lovelies who have pushed me to do this thang, and to all who hopefully will take a peek into my freak show. I'll start off with some light material...the Fuck word. It is by far and large my favorite and possibly most frequently spoken word, with the exception of  "it, and, is and other words that could just as easily be replaced by my beloved F-bomb.
I think of my Fuck words in much the same way that the Smurfs use the word "Smurf".
That Smurf just smurfed my smurf, so I told her to go smurf herself.
Ya feel me?
In honor of my first real post, I leave you with this vid.
Tell me what the fuck you think.


  1. Yeah for starting your own blog finally!! Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Hi! Nice looking blog!! Vid was fab, unfortunately my 3yr old chose that moment to not watch Mickey Mouse and watch me instead! I hope he doesn't learn a new word today, lol!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm honored to have you in my cozy place...take that how you will.

  4. Heyyyyyyyyyy

    First follower! OH Yeaaaa

  5. Hey E!!!! Looking good!!!! Can't wait for more of your posts!!!

  6. Love the video.....I was actually expecting George Carlin!

  7. What the fuck! I wanted to be your first fuckin' follower!

    well guess you don't need to do that guest post I was going to offer you on my dinky blog.

    please let there be future NKOTB=Twilight crossover material posts!

  8. LMFAO! Your blog is as fucking colorful as fucking your language. Fucking perfect!

    @TT - WTF? I guess I see how we fucking rate ;)

    How'd I do, E?



  9. Fuck is fucking fabulous. I did a Drunk Mad Lib with my sis where I used all forms of "fuck".

  10. @TT OHMYFUCK!!! **bangs head on wall**
    I forgot to tell you sooner, and you can punish me in any way you see fit!! Feel free to whore me out anyway. And I love your blog!

    @Lisa I was going for an ecclectic look and I am partial to jewel tones. I'm so glad you like it! You rate very high in my fucking book!!!

    @All There will me major shout-outs and serious asskissery for all of you in upcoming posts...I'm still figuring out this techy shit.
    Who wants to help make my blog look pretty??? I

  11. @mmMoxie I'm fucking pissed I had to miss out on DML last Friday. Fucking kids. It's like they don't want me to have any fun. ;)

  12. I seriously cried laughing from that video. That was the best!!

  13. @HG Isn't that the shit???
    Welcome! I'm honored to have you here. :)

  14. Oh, well FUCK me! E has a fucking blog now. Isn't that just fucktastic?!

    No, seriously. Glad you jumped into the pool with the rest of us, E. Just don't piss in here, ok? If I feel a fucking warm spot near you I'm going to kick you the fuck out, got me?!

  15. @TMC I won't piss in your pool, if you won't swim in my toilet!!! Oh fuck...I get the joke even if nobody else does. I crack myself up.
    I'm stoked that you came (heehee) to my happy place!!!
    But seriously, if I pee in here I will swim while I do it, and none will ever be the wiser.

  16. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!

    Welcome to in asylum :)

  17. Fuckity fuck fuck! A TOTALLY fuckawesome place where I can let loose and really fucking let my dirty fucking mouth go! FUCK YEAH!!

    PS...I like to fuck, I mean say fuck, too!

  18. @Kelly @Mary @Wease @Raitz Welcome Hookahs!!!

  19. powerpuffgirll(Tina)March 31, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!! i have tears running down my face right now from laughing so fucking hard over the fuck vidio!!!!! i am going to fucking LOVE YOU!!!!!! that is my fave word also,my mamma tells me all the time that fuck should have been my middle name!!!! so welcome to the blog world,and thanks a fucking lot for adding 1 more thing i have to read everyday!!!!!!! YOU FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!

  20. Fucking fabulous.


  21. @PPG(tina) Oh haiii!!! I am honored to have you here!
    My parents are actually the inspiration for my love all swear words. My Mom could cut someone down so fast it would spin your fucking head. She used to say to me "There are no such things as bad words...only bad people."
    This from an educated fucking woman who held a double master's in english lit and psycology, and ended up being an RN for 15 yrs.

    @Anon Hope you stick around...I'm sure I will be up to no good!! ;0

  22. LOL @E - Your mom sounds like a cool biotch. I like her already. :-)

  23. @TMC or Coffee or Sweetass Biotch...which do you prefer?? My Mom is dead now, and I remember her every muthafuckin' day. I don't say this to make you feel bad, quite the opposite...I keep her alive in my memories! Ok, I just went all deathy and shit. Sorrrrrrryyyyyyy. Well, not really, I just don't wanna go all 'Six Feet Under' on ya...and then you're like "You're fucked up" and I never see you again....

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  25. FanFUCKINGtastic!!! The fuck-word is one of my favorites too. My mom and I always say, "Oops - I said the fuck-word." LOL!

    Interesting fact - my mom just got her Master''s in psychology last year.

  26. Great video and the perfect first post for you ;) LOL


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