Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Dashboard is on FIRE...and Leno is still an assmonkey.


I know you know the fuck I'm talkin' bout.

I am well aware that this is not recent. I just like looking at it.

So...Rob rocked The Tonight Show and Jay was his usual asspuppet self. I hate Leno and his cleft chin with the Icy Sparkles of a thousand Vampires. Or more accurately, I hope he girly giggles himself into a seizure.
Is that really mean of me?
Don't answer.

Anywhore...I thought Rob looked luscious and watching his fingers while he played with his phone was nearly instagasmic! Then he gets personal talking about emails from his Dad, and reveals that he is such a dork behind the wheel that he drove around with his dashboard on fire...until it went out.

I am such an asshole. I can't remember where I stole this from.

He sets my dashboard on fucking fire. Still.


That's all I have time for right now my lovely whorefaces, but rest assured I am not gone...just fucking busy! Moving and acclimating to the reality of homeownership. It's fucking trippy.

Mowing sucks nut corn.