Monday, August 16, 2010

New and improved! Now with more E!

<-------Grab this button! All the cool kids are doing it!

So. I'm under a bit of construction...ish.

Stoney finally got off her ass was gracious enough to work her magic and make me a new banner and button! (i may have mentioned how fan.fucking.tastic she is) Grab that shit before it goes out of style. You don't want to be seen wearing last season's button and risk being the laughingstock of your workplace/institution/educational organization.

DO YOU???!!!

No. You don't. Because as I've discovered, you can think outside of the box and be edgy and go against the grain...but only enough to make yourself look cool. As seen on MTV. Anything beyond that is just weird and you should be outcast and shunned and looked upon as a motherfucking evil leper. Take note.

Don't bother ACTUALLY being different than the flock. Going against the status quo takes way too much fucking work, and let's face it...rarely pays off. It's much safer to duck your head and fly under the radar. Oh, and you can't trust anyone either. People are liars and they typically only look out for only themselves. It's true. Trust me. I have no fucking clue what the mutherfuck I'm doing folks.

I know I'm changing. That's about it. I meant for this post to be a teaser and sort of introduction to the new E, but then I kinda lost my mind a bit. It happens. Alot. I go to 11.

I'll be back in a day or so to tell you why I'm like a toilet. Stay tuned for that bowl of awesomesauce!

Stay piratey, hookers.


  1. sEp-cool button! Your eyes are as blue as RPattz's eyes at the TCA!!! Bring on the E!

  2. Don't make me sound so lazy. Seriously. I've been very busy holding down the cool, and the sofa, and my bed...
    Hey, can you bring me some oreos? Juuuuuust kidding. Love you bunches.
    Can't wait for your flushable word diarrhea.

  3. I'm just glad your are back.. oh and I grabbed the button cause.. I couldn't take the pressure... I need to be one of the cool kids :)

    You have been grabbed.. now Smile Dammit! I'm know how to grab the right way.. they always smile :)

  4. @TT - Pretty cool pic eh? My eyes were *ahem* enhanced just a wee bit...false advertising? :)

    @Stone - We both know you are sooooooo not kidding so shut your rusty lie hole. But I'll forgive you anyway because I need you to reach things for me. I heart your face BIG TIME!

    @MB - Awwwww yeeeeeeaahhh...just like that. ;O

    @Kelly - I missed your sweetness! Don't are one of the cool kids. In fact, what are you doing slumming around this dump??!! I'm glad you're not ashamed to be seen in my presence. Hehe. Smiling now! :)))))) xoxo

  5. Um... a day or so? Or a month and a half??!

  6. crumleyjen/NOfadetoblackOctober 20, 2010 at 10:43 PM

    ...this is the old lady who swallowed that stalked ur ass from a twitarded blog (breaking dawn-2 movies) formally "crumleyjen". It's rude not to return birdie calls...~skank~ I should shit on ur head. I've tweeted you, dm'ed you, everything but track ur whiny ass down which is my next move and when i find ya ima shove a little sumpin sumpin up ur ass. But you'd probably like that, huh? No seriously, Igotsta have people to talk to about RP and BD and PP~i digress~because my bipolar ass is tired of trying to have normal twilighed tit for tats with the other twisted bipolar personalities in my head. They're over it! They just don't get it...PLZ don't be over it too. Ur being selfish. Humphh!! I just tweeted you (i hope i did anyway) Game on... Respectfully, crumleyjen, NOfadetoblack... I do like your blog, though it is a bit fuckmouthy for my taste.


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