Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stop this brain...I wanna get off!

Time to get realz for a sec my little snatchy-poos. RL is making me open up and say Ahhhhhhh......so it can shove a big fat cock in my mouth. I am going to be busy with said cock for the next few days.
I am currently looking for a house. It is slowly killing me. I have very specific requirements for my family, and that makes the search even more challenging. Now it's crunch time. I need to knock a bitch out.

This means I will be scarce the next few days. Just a heads up. I know you will all suffer and have achey hearts and empty holes in your life until I return in full force. That is a given.
Fucking duhhhhh.
I'll be back to voraciously face and leg humping you all very soon. Promise.

Here's to being a happy fucking homo(wner).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd since this post is undoubtedly boring the piss out of you, I'll leave you with a little bit of me not giving a fuck.


** In no way do I mean to insinuate that having a Big Fat Cock in my mouth is a bad thing...it just keeps me very busy**


  1. Good luck with the house hunting. If I can help in any way, let me know. We'll be here when you get back. Hugs!!

  2. Hey babe!!! House hunting is a bitch, I actually can't wait to sell this fucker so I can start! We'll be here when you get back! XOXOXO

  3. @ Mrs. P - I can't wait for you to sell too because then you might move closer to me and Living With Edward!!!!! WOO HOO

  4. Wait..You are implying a big fat cock in yer mouth is a bad thing...wtf is wrong with you E?

    Good luck with the house thang..movings a bitch.

    Love the vid..bad ass mofo at the end lol..

  5. Ugh. Good luck with the house hunting. Just the thought of home shopping makes me want to tie off in a corner somewhere. Lemme know if I can help. I've had, err, too many years in real estate & mortgage. This also makes me want to tie off somewhere. Why can't I have a heroin addiction like all the cool chics? I need a sexy vice. Hmph.

  6. Hey girl, I already told you, but now I'mma do it publicly: don't worry about your rabid fan base, we'll all still be here when you get the house sitch worked out. Good vibes for you and the Pantz Fam!!!

  7. I hope you come back soon to fill my empty hole. It misses you already.

  8. I do hope you find that house already. I'm bloody sick of reading about it. :p :p :p

    Your prEsEncE will bE missEd.

  9. Good luck! I know it will work out fine. Just haven't found the right one yet. Like we said last night, all things happen for a reason...and life has a way of kicking you in the balls but it usually works itself out.

    It just leaves you a little sore and feeling like you have to vomit on occasion.

  10. I want to go with you. You WANT me! Don't do this, E!
    It feels like someone punched a big hole in my chest...and I can't hold myself together...
    With the gaping hole of your absence, I might have to ho myself out at the local rez to find a new bestie who can facehump me.

    Seriously, though, we'll all be here to take you back once you're done dealing with those Volturi our society calls realtors. Fucking bloodsuckers. (no offense if anyone here is one)

    Sending good energy vibes your way to find the perfect house at the perfect price. Not to sound like everyone else, but it will happen eventually. The process is a huge bitch but can be worth it in the end.

    Here's a virtual LEG HITCH to keep you company.

    love u & I LOVE your new banner. Totes awesomesauce.

  11. @All ~ I love you hard...thanks for the support! I actually like my realtor...trust me I'm shocked! I just have VERY specific needs, and it's been tough finding a place that works for my family. It'll be all good, and hopefully it won't be in the hood!
    I'll check in when I can. xoxoxo

  12. I know you have specific needs for your son, E, so don't settle. You will find the right house for all of you. Sending you good vibes, bb. XOXO


  13. Good luck my little Smarts, I will miss you, I spoke with adopted bro on FB though and he says I need to get over Salem, it was 400 yrs ago and even though I'm immortal, I just just forget about it now...I still feel kinda burned by it though...

    Love the way Jelly said bloody! Bloody marvellous at the englishness spreading around hehehe...bloody is a great word and NOT technically swearing...

  14. Don't you love when you are house hunting and the realtor walks you through the house and says things like, "And this is the kitchen."

    Fucking really now? I had no fuckin' clue! Surely the stove and refrigerator didn't give it away! I mean I saw a sink there but ya know this could have been a bathroom!

    no offense to anyone who might be realtors. It is just that stating the obvious sometimes makes me sarcastic. ;)

    Our guardian angels are our ultimate realtors. I know you guys have a few GAs, so I think they will find you the right house. Until then, keep your sense of humor!

    v/w tways I love Rob. Let me count tways!

  15. @TT - my favorite story: My husband and I are tallish and our relator was a tiny lady and we always knew what kind of house we were going to if she said "Ohhh it is so cute!" We knew my hubby would never be able to stand in most of the house and it was true every time! LOL

    She was awesome though and she stuck with us for 2.5 years as we searched (serious money issues at the time). We ended up with exactly what we wanted so it was all worth it.

  16. @DD-My realtor sarcasm would have prevailed."Yes Ms Rltr, if the current homeowners are named Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey, Happy, Doc, Sleepy, or Bashful then the house probably won't fit our needs!"

    Glad you guys found what you wanted, though!


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