Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy....Patzy and The Pusher!

It's Your Birfday! Anything goes on the Blog Train today!!!

How's it feel to be the big 24???

"Fucking fangirrls won't leave me alone!"

I probably can't get a moment's peace. So I won't bug you today. I'll just take a moment to say I hope your day was filled with lots of good prezzies and maybe a nap. I always like a good nap. And cake. I like cake.

How was your cake?


Nom nom nom.

Anyway....Guess what? I'ts not just your Birthday today, it's also the day that a certain special someone in my life was born. I must pay a special tribute because if it wasn't for her, I never would have fallen in love with you. 

"What do you mean you never would have fallen for me?"

I won't sully my brain with such nonsense...

She was the one who first force fed loaned me these books...ya know, the ones about the sparkly vampires? I blame her, and her alone for the crazy as fuck spiral that my life has taken. You know her as The Pusher.

Me and the Pusher

Happy fucking birthday life ruiner my dear sweet friend!

This is all your fault!!!

I won't take up anymore of your special day. I just wanted to take a mo to tell you BOTH how fuckawesome you are, and my life is better with you in it!!!


Now go drink your faces off.

Birthday Love,

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  1. That was a great angle to include your friend! Sounds like the kind of friend you'd want sitting next to you in jail all tyler and aiden style! Next stop on the birthday train Oprah!

  2. Your girlfriend has the best birthday buddy ever! Great picture of you two :)

    And good God the jawporn in that Comic Con pic you posted of Rob. *sigh*


  3. Look at you and the pusher!!!! Is the pusher a follower here? Does she know what she started? LMAO. Happy birthday pusher...I thank you.

  4. Oh, E, I would soooo love to meet the pusher. Now you gotta return the favour and drag her ass to the blogosphere (if she ain't already here). :D

  5. Why haven't I found that cake picture huh?
    Freakin' awesome post hon!

    p.s. Pushers rule. I am one myself.


  6. How did you get that picture of me delivering Rob's cake.. GAH! I told him he could take it but he couldn't post it.. I guess you really can't trust a guy who plays a vampire!

    Great post and Hey Pusher.. Good job! You wrangled another one into submission!


  7. Double the partying for you today ~ the Pusher and Rob! Hope you all didn't party too hard last night. *wink*

  8. OMG that video was... freaking creepy! LOL!!
    Too funny. Love the post!


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