Friday, May 14, 2010

Rob's Horoscope and The Blog Train pulls into the station...

The Blog Train has reached it's final destination...and I predict Rob's future!

Rob's Horoscope for 2010:

I'mma ignore Uma.

Taurus Yearly 2010 Horoscopes:

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

People who are born under Taurus zodiacal sign possess very significant characters that are special to only this sign. Very stubborn, adamant, influential, practical, pragmatic and smart, a typical Taurus is a sign of stability and conformity. These people can reach very high success levels due to their power of will and perseverance. All these positive traits make them extraordinarily powerful and energetic. Even with all these powerful qualities, a typical Taurus person can be extremely personal and caring towards other people; affection and loyalty are two friendly words to these people. A person who is born under this sign can be very expressive and caring while giving their opinions on any subject or topic. They can easily indulge in great debates and discussions where one needs to give scholarly thoughts and ideas.

Another positive quality of a person belonging to this sign is his or her ability to make friends with all people. In fact, these people may have a large friend circle that likes to hang around all the time. A typical Taurus person can show immense affection towards the opposite sex. In all, a Taurus person is a wholesome person who can succeed any day with a sense of deep purpose. Taurus 2010 yearly horoscope is a mixed bah for them as they may face some setbacks or disappointments throughout the year. It could be an average year for these people because of some uncertainties in their career development.

Taurus 2010 Career and Income Horoscope

People working in advertising and entertaining industry may get tremendous success in their career. Female show-persons, actors, models and costume designers will stand to gain immensely satisfying results. People who are looking for a career in motion picture and hospitality industry will get their break in the second half of the year. In summary, most Taurus people will find the second half of the year to be more promising and encouraging.

Taurus 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

Love, family and social life for Taurus people can be somewhat disappointing throughout the year. Immense marital and domestic trouble may brew in the first quarter of the New Year while the last quarter may act as a period of reconciliation. Due to the bad confluence of Mars and Saturn planets, Taurus people may undergo serious marital strain in the first half of the year. However, the legendary will power of Taurus will see these people recuperate from all possible domestic upheavals. People who are looking towards new relationship will need to plan very carefully. Social life for the New Year could be very disturbing while workplace relationship could see marked disturbance. In all, the last part of the New Year will bring hopes and encouragement to all Taurus people.

Taurus 2010 Education and Traveling Horoscope

On a positive note, 2010 Taurus horoscope is an excellent year for students, researchers and scholars. Professionals who work in research laboratories may do exceedingly well in their field. Students may see unqualified success coming in their way in the first half of the year. Academic achievements and scholarship gains are possible in the second half of the year. Due to their innate intelligence and eruditeness, Taurus people can reach very high success levels throughout the year. Travelling is possible many Taurus students in the middle parts of the year.

Taurus 2010 Health Horoscope

Health wise, Taurus 2010 yearly horoscope may not to be too good. Occasional health problems may impede daily life while health problems associated with lungs and stomach may bother people in the last quarter of the year. Minor accidents may await some Taurus people in the third quarter of the year.

So Rob, you can expect a year of being surrounded by friends, financial and vocational success (especially during the second half of this year) and possible relationship upheaval with your lover.

*crosses fingers for relationship upheaval*

You will also do an enormous amount of traveling (duh?) and possibly decide to enhance your intelligence by taking a couple of courses at your local community college.

Or as Chris Rock calls them, "A disco with books."

You will need to take extra good care of yourself, to avoid getting the sick. Watch for falling rocks because accidents may happen to cause you injury towards the end of the year.

Oh Noooooooooooooooooooes!!!!

You will also continue to be fuckhawt and your mere existance will be fodder for the sexual fantasies of women of all ages. Watch your back.

Surprise buhtsecks is not fun.

There you go Rob.
Now you do me.


Don't hurt yourself,

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  1. This is great E. Thanks so much for being a part of the train this week

  2. I'mma ignore *crosses fingers for relationship upheaval*.

    Totally fun post, E. This was my favorite:

    You will also continue to be fuckhawt and your mere existance will be fodder for the sexual fantasies of women of all ages. Watch your back.

    Surprise buhtsecks is not fun.

    It's been a fun week!


  3. As you know E...I read none of this..b/c I'm a lazy bitch.
    But, I love you very much and I konw how much of yourself you put in this blog train so I'm fucking commenting. Yeah...that's right. I'm showing you some comment box love.
    GO YOU for getting all of this accomplished. You roxors my boxors so hard they are now a thong.
    Pod for life.

  4. This was an awasome close to the train this week... You know I have found anew place to visit!

    I love your take.. I love your wit.. I love you!


  5. My hubby is also a Taurus, I think I will send him the post to read :) He is nothing like Rob and that is ok LOL!

  6. "A typical Taurus person can show immense affection towards the opposite sex."

    I'mma count on this when you and I meet, Rob!!And at the end of the year, feel free to take shelter at my home to avoid accidents.

    Fun idea! Loved sharing in Our Pattz with you this week!

  7. What a different take on the predictions for Rob's year! (Different in my book is awesome!) Loved your spin onthe predictions. (*fingers crossed for upheaval* LMAO!)

    I am so sorry that I didn't get herre until now to read and post a comment.

    I had a fun train ride with ya.


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